Philosophy | Philosophy | Photo by Rachel Gomez

I am more than a photographer. I’m an artist.

I believe in searching for the right artist that believes in you and understands you, to preserve the love and life that you are living. To preserve your life. One day, a picture might be all you have left to tell your family’s story and keep the legacy going.

I keep authenticity in my work by telling the stories that mean everything to you. I will stay true to you and your life. I will help you have a memorable experience with your loved ones when we’re creating the photos you will hang on your walls, because you deserve some fun downtime while having those moments preserved by someone who truly cares. My clients walk away from our sessions feeling refreshed, happy, and at ease… all of which show through in their photos when they see them with pure giddiness in their eyes. You will feel so happy that you chose to make these photographs a priority, and hired someone with my experience and passion.
Working with me is a personal, one-of-a-kind experience because I am an artist who has devoted my life to my craft. I feel deeply about giving you images of the fleeting moments you never want to forget. Like the moment you chose to spend your life with your soulmate. Or the tiny wrinkled hands and feet of a newborn baby. And milestones, birthdays, and growing families of every variety. Happy moments in between the hard ones. When I photograph you, I don’t want perfect, I want honest, because real life should not be forgotten.It’s important for me to connect with you and your story so we can develop a relationship that lasts for years through many sessions together. I want to be a part of your journey.

Your photos will not be lost or fade away into digital clutter on hard drives that might crash one day. I believe in creating something tangible with a genuine heart that shows honest love. We will print your families memories!

Because true, passionate love is messy but worth remembering. It’s worth hanging on your walls and mounting above your fireplace. It’s worth passing on to your grandchildren through heirloom albums. Why? Because even though life is short, love never fails and must be preserved with photography.