FINDinaBOX: A Review

Film stocks, black and white versus color negative film, metering, pushing/pulling film, scanning film, film formats, 35mm, 120mm… Shooting film can feel complicated and overwhelming. But it’s worth it because there is a certain tangible magic to it that you still can’t quite get with digital photography.

I was SO close to quitting film shooting last year (totally absurd, I know) until FINDinaBOX came along at the EXACT time I needed it most. It helped me stop screwing up roll after roll and making ‘sizable donations to my lab,’ as Jonathan Canlas so eloquently puts it. I mean, I used to be terrified of using a handheld lightmeter (which sounds ridiculous)… And now that I’ve worked through the mystery of even that one little aspect of film photography, that’s just one of the many ways my shooting has improved tenfold.

Film Photo by Lea Ciceraro -

Jon, our fearless leader of FiaB (and founder of FILM IS NOT DEAD), also helped me find where my passion projects are in my heart and helped get me started on a series that’s so personal and perfect for me. Plus, the feedback on all of the new work I produce, as on others’ work in our group, has helped me become such better photographer in such a short amount of time! I can’t wait to see the growth that lies ahead when I’ve already come so far in just one year. The community that has emerged from our common passion, is worth its weight in gold, too. Seriously.


The (optional) assignment every month keeps me motivated, as well as constantly challenges me to learn new ways to approach shooting film. And while this workshop is focused on film shooting, Jonathan has also gone above and beyond helping those with businesses improve that aspect, too! That was definitely an unexpected bonus. And even with alllll he constantly gives, it’s still not redundant with the other guides he has published. Each piece of gold he develops (pun intended?) brings new information and opportunities to improve your shooting (and business!).

With FiaB, whether you’re just starting out and need all of the basics you could imagine, or you’ve been shooting film for a long while and need some advanced tips and tricks plus a mentor who makes himself constantly available to you for questions and guidance, I promise this is the workshop for you. Invest in it just once, and it forever keeps giving. And since I have three kids to time and funds for going to workshops is limited, this is just what I needed. It’s a better bang for my buck anyway when it comes to workshops, AND I can do it right from home. It’s nice to know I can still invest in something that I can work on at my own pace, around my life and my family’s schedule.

FINDinaBOX is constantly helping me improve my film shooting AND my business, and is keeping my creativity alive when I hit those inevitable rough patches. I am forever grateful for Jonathan and what he has created for us.

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Film Photo by Lea Ciceraro -
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